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Guiding the energy sector of Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean from extraction to sustainable development.
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Increasing Oil Production in 2014

It is difficult to find industry successes in this worrisome energy climate but something that was recently overshadowed was Trinidad and Tobago's... Read More

Trinidad & Tobago, the US shale revolution and low oil prices

The current low international oil price has led to many commentaries on future prices in the international and local media. One of the key issues that has been discussed has been the impact of the spectacular growth of... Read More

Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago Elects New Board

The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago elected its new board at its Annual General Meeting held on October 1, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency. The following list of industry leaders make up our new board... Read More

Kennicon Achieves Perfect Score...STOW Continues to Progress

The Energy Chamber would like to congratulate Kennicon Engineering Limited for achieving a major milestone and the distinction of being the first company under the Safe TO Work (STOW) programme to get a perfect score of 100 percent... Read More

Mid-Year Energy Sector Review 

For the first half of 2014, Trinidad and Tobago’s energy sector experienced continued growth in drilling and rig activity while minor gas supply interruptions impacted on LNG and petrochemical production... Read More

 US Shale Revolution Holds Lessons for T&T Energy Sector

On the back of its shale gas and tight oil revolution, America’s domestic energy production has hit all-time highs, changing the dynamics of supply, demand and price movements for gas... Read More

T&T Needs to Take Serious Look Into Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Options 

Trinidad and Tobago’s status as a global energy leader should never cloud the fact that we are a small island state susceptible to the most negative effects of climate change... Read More

Trinidad and Tobago Needs Multi-Faceted Approach to Deal with Climate Change

As a world energy leader in LNG, methanol and ammonia production and export and, as a small island state, Trinidad and Tobago has to place climate change adaptation and mitigation on the front burner... Read More

Trinidad and Tobago Improves Its Global Petroleum Survey Ranking

Trinidad & Tobago is now ranked 53rd out of 157 countries in the Global Petroleum Survey, a global benchmarking survey to assess how attractive various jurisdictions are for oil and gas investment.... Read More

Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago Press Release on Oil Spills

The Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago is extremely concerned about the social and environmental impacts of the five separate oiil spills in the Gulf of Paria and in the south west peninsular. Four of these five spills have... Read More

Green Fund Presentation to Energy Chamber Membership

View: The Green Fund Presentation (pdf) at The Energy Chamber's Green Economy General Meeting, October 31, 2013.

Green Fund Annual Report

Green Fund Annual Report for financial year ended September 30, 2012. View Report (pdf)

Why did Energy Services Companies have different views on optimism in Q3 2013?

For the T&T energy sector, Q3 was an eventful period. Firstly, the results of the Ryder Scott Audit which were released in this period suggests that while there was a reserves replacement rate of 99.9%, there is need to boost our...

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